Electric Gel Rich Hot Water Bag

৳ 699.00



  • This warmer is a new-style hot water bottle which is made of special material , It can keep warm and make you feel very soft, comfortable and convenient

     Electric Hot water bottle feature:

  • It takes 5 minutes charged the warmer and it can keep warm in 2~3 hours and make you feel very soft, comfortable and convenient.
  • The warmer is one of the new healthy and keeping warm product.It can ease pains such as arthritic, toothache, arthritis, headache, back and neck pain, chilblain.
  • This product has been authenticated as qualified products through an inspection by the National Product Quality Inspection Center and obtained certificates.

     Charging Steps:

  • When you charge the bag, pls insert the bag first, after that, inset the power supply.
  • When you finish charging, pls cut off the power supply first, after that, pull out the port of the bag.
  • Please charge about 3 to 5 mins
  • Please make the socket dry


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